What is ‘Old Baller’?

A movement comprised of all ages / all sizes / all types to honor those who just won’t quit. 

We take what is our greatest resource – time – to honor our elders: Old Ballers

And so, it is a movement in deep reverence to the spirit of basketball – a spirit that cannot WILL not be squashed. A movement in awe of whatever keeps us on the court. 

A movement in the name of art, and who’s singular artist, John Hargette, created the logo for Old Ballers all over this great globe. 

A movement spun on the tip of a single finger originating on the courts of Durham, North Carolina. 

THIS is for those who won’t quit even when the game has you pinned. 

THIS is for the love of hoops and hoopers everywhere. 

When you buy a shirt, you become a part of the team. We learn your name, we commit you to memory, and we honor in every way our combined love of the game. We are certainly a bigger play than the sum of our parts. 

With that in mind, you are one of us now. 

Wear it with pride. 

Wear it with honor. 

Wear it in bowing reverence to those we’ve lost in the great big game of being alive. 

Wear it in humbled reverence to the winners and justice-seekers. 

Wear it to prove you are exactly who you are. 

Wear it in defiance of what anyone says you are not. 

Wear it to push the limits of what anyone can do. 

Wear it in honor of the creator who made us–

 (and trust: this is an all-inclusive statement for whatever you believe). 

Wear it in honor of Old Ballers. 

Wear it with the knowledge that you have the power to assist, pivot, jump, drive and score. 

Get it.