About Us

John Hargette, artist, original Old Baller 

John Hargette is the OG Old Baller. He created the logo when he was forced to sit on the sidelines due to health issues. He has lived a life filled with basketball, having played some of his favorite pick-up games in France – outside of the racist glare of the United States. Otherwise, he has worked hard as a construction worker living mostly in Durham, North Carolina. He took pride in his work, every nail and every board. But the truth is, all his life, people have been trying to get him to make his art, but he has found it challenging to make a living and do it at the same time. Now unable to do construction work, he is devoting his time to artmaking – and being an Old Baller. His body made him quit the game but his love for hoops is unstoppable and his spirit is unbreakable. Indeed, going through chemo didn’t stop him from going to the (over 65) weekly pick-up games, nor did it stop him from critiquing the other players. He stayed critical, and his teammates have loved him for it. Always scooping him up and bringing him to watch the game even though he would lay into them about their plays. Love is funny that way. And life is funny too, how it always brings us full circle. 

Old Baller, Durham

The nation has hundreds of old baller teams, of course, but this particular team is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina where age, ability, race and all other nonsensical categories are transcended through the spirit and meaning of basketball. The game is life and life’s a game, and that’s how we intend to play: as if this is why we are alive.